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avorites View My Favorites useful for editing Mingzhao +1 Mingzhao Ling Ling is located in Changping District, Beijing, Shandong Dayu twelfth emperor of the Ming Lu Mouzon Zhu Hou and contained three buried mausoleum is the Queen of the Ming Tombs Chinese ?mausoleum tomb monument type Venue Dayu in the first large-scale restoration repairs hill cemetery also one of the official cheap prada eyeglasses opening of the tourist attract cheap prada eyeglasses ions in Beijing special administrative region of eastern foot Point's first large-scale restoration of the Ming Tombs in the cemetery directory 1 tomb biography ?Queen ? cases contained Zhu Hou Yi Chong Lee Hyo ???Queen Hyo Ann Chen Lee Hyo given after 2 mausoleum palace architecture ?Sun with ancestral mausoleum, burial Mouzon ?Dayu twice Hing, consumption of silver million Features and repair buildings cemetery open 3 ?Tombs i cheap prada eyeglasses n the first "dumb Court" of the system ?residual bad biographies and cheap prada eyeglasses repair open a tomb cemetery ? were edited Zhu Zhu set containing Hou Hou ? cases Sejong Jiajing Zhu Hou third child sixteen years (1537) was born in the palace eighteen month February Wang Feng Yu forty-five years in December next year following the emperor Gaiyuan Khanh Khanh six years (1572) May 2 on the cheap prada eyeglasses 16th at the Palace of Heavenly Purity died at the age of 36 years posthumous deed Yuan Yi Tian Long Road benevolent significant Wenguang Wuchun De Hong Xiao Zhuang emperor on September 19 cheap prada eyeglasses and was buried Zhao Ling Zhu Hou contained a total of eight brothers were illegitimate mourning his brother, Prince Chong Chong Dear Prince we will introduce Mouzon ranked third as Du Empress (? Jiajing early as fifteen years after closure ? Mouzon throne as Queen Mother chase posthumous) born Mouzon had five younger brother Prince Gong J cheap prada eyeglasses ing Zhu Dadi contained in the text Jade Princess Chun was born with only a small Mouzon same age eighteen years was closed in January Jiajing forty-four year


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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