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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 Palkor edit Palkor is a national key cultural relics protection units prada bag outlet located in Gyantse, Tibet was initially built the fifteenth century Sakya Tibetan Buddhism Kadampa three major Gelugpa sect coexistence of a Chinese name Tibetan temple Palkor is referred Ban profile Deqing meaning auspicious round great music Gyant prada bag outlet se County Temple is located approximately 230 kilometers from the northeastern corner of La Sanan Shigatse East about 100 one thousand meters above sea level 3900 m Palkor Germany before the Ming Xuan Zongxuan 10 calendar years when completed in 1427 it is a typical Tibetan Bud prada bag outlet dhist monastery building a pagoda towers have combined tower Pagoda Temple temple has a natural complement to its muddy building is fully representative of the 13th century to After the mid-15th century, the typical architectural style of the Tibetan monasteries [1] Chinese name Palkor district location in Tibet Gyantse, Tibet Gyantse Co prada bag outlet unty honors National key uni prada bag outlet ts created in the mid-15th century the first half of Contents 1 Introduction 2 before 3 one hundred thousand pagodas ??structure built 4 Temple History 5 measures Chin hall 6 white living tower 7 Zhacang 8 mural ?About ??patterned figures 9 tourist information 1 Introduction editing Palkor The prada bag outlet data comes from Baidu map, eventually results in Baidu map data. Palkor meaning auspicious round wins Le Temple Temple, commonly referred to as the auspicious Chinese language Palkor Serve a round short Tibetan transliteration was founded in the prada bag outlet mid-15th century, before the second half of the 1418 - 1436 English called Palcho Monastery due to its long-standing complete history of exquisite architecture and special religious values ?and the Temple save countless dollars fairly intact exquisite murals and statues of Tibetan areas are listed as national key cultural relics protection uni


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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Dr. Mahmoud Galal Eldin Elgawish
General Manager

Dr. Hana Abdel Wahab
Assistant Manager and Outpatient clinics manager

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