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avorites View my Favorites Edit helpful +1 pineapple pineapple ancient old meat meat into the dish taste sweet and sour taste of fresh solution tired and can increase appetite, whether as fruit or Chinese dishes are very tasty meat were the main ingredients of anc prada bag price ient pineapple pork, pineapple special Point beautiful color, red and green, sweet and sour taste, fat but not greasy classification Cantonese cuisine tastes sweet and sour taste catalog 1 Introduction ?Features ??Cuisine History 2 Ingredients ??Ingredients Ingredients 3 nutritional information 4 production process 5 production methods 6 Tips 7 nutritional value ??nutrition recommendations 8 new approach 1 Introduction Editing Features beautiful color red and green sweet and sour taste of fat but not greasy Name Cuisine Cantonese cuisine ancient history pineapple flesh often arouse curiosity pineapple and meat are the name of the ingredients But how can there be an ancient word argument is that there is legend among the early Chinese immigrants abroad because of a number of very homesick in foreign cuisine but do not have the domestic use of local ingredients so the prada bag price pork and pineapple sauce with flour made from the ingredients for the Western Pineapple flavored meat dishes with prada bag price Chinese raw materials due to the many Chinese return home later th prada bag price is channel combining Chinese and Western dishes it back to the country, but because no one knows its Chinese name nobody remembers its prada bag price founders knew it was a long time crystallizatio prada bag price n of the wisdom of the history of Chinese immigrants before long is very old so he took a dish named it the old pineapple flesh authenticity of this history, not to mention how but whether it is outside the hometown of Chinese cuisine thoughts return to natural or local materials prada bag price cooking ideas are worth learning two ingredients editing Ingredients 150 g meat, 300 grams of flour 30 grams of pineap


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