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?div id="Cnt-Main-Article-QQ" bosszone="content"> [ Summary ] Italian brand Prada sales slowed sharply last year, grew by only 9 percent, although far less than in 2012 when the refrain-year growth, but still Earlier in line with market growth forecasts have been low prada buy ered. 2 ?13 message, according to Mi prada buy ng Pao reported, Asia-Pacific and European markets sluggish performance in 2013, dragged down the performance of the Italian brand Prada ( Prada , 1913) sales slowed sharply last year, an increase by only 9%, although far less than in 2012 when the refrain-year growth, but still in line with earlier market has lowered growth for prada buy ecasts. As of the end of January 2014, Prada, net income is estimated at 3.586 billion, increasing by 9% at constant exchange rates the increase of prada buy 13%. Which outlets increased sales by 12% in the wholesale channel sa prada buy les are down 7%. Asia Pacific and European markets during the period from the year 2012 when a large rise over a third, down to 11% and increased by only 5% of the U.S. market growth of approximately 11%. Although the growth of the Japanese market to accelerate prada buy from 14 percent in 2012 to 24%, but the yen fell sharply, to increase revenue in euros only 1%. By Brand places Prada the best performing brand, sales rose 16% yoy, retail channel grew more than 20%. Expansion has not been seen on foot during prada buy the slowdown, a net increase of 79 stores in 2013, as of the end of January to reach 540 outlets. Bonjour Spring SSS down 4% addition, Bonjour (0653) New Year's Day to announce the beginning of a whole seven (January 31-February 6) during the Hong Kong and Macau retail flat same-store sales fell 4 percent more. Compa


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