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?div class="newscon"> tim prada clothing online shop e on January 15, the Italian fashion giant Prada plans to open more stores continue to advance in the global strategy, although analysts had warned the move or will hurt the company's earnings. At the same time, Prada predicts China's lux prada clothing online shop ury market growth will continue to slow down. Prada Deputy Chairman Carlo?? Mazzy revealed prada clothing online shop that within the next 12 months, the company will increase worldwide 80 branches, to promote future growth to spend 350 million euros. Mazzy claims that C prada clothing online shop hina is still the preferred target Prada : the new fiscal year, will add 10 to 15 stores, so stores the total to 60. Previously, analysts have warned that the Chinese government behind the anti-corruption campaign will further weaken the country's consumption of luxury goods. In this regard, Mazzy responded by saying, "Although China's domestic luxury goods sales growth has slowed, however, the Chinese people to buy in overseas markets, but rapid growth." Mazzy said, fortunately Prada is not selling because people can buy food at the local life, "we sell is a luxury jewelry, in many cas prada clothing online shop es only when people on vacation will buy luxury goods. " Mazzy noted, Prada in the new store will be located in China's second-tier and even third-tier cities, such as Uru prada clothing online shop mqi. In ad prada clothing online shop dition, he said, analysts expect China's growth this year will slow to 7%, even so, is still "very substantial growth." statistics show that in the closing within nine months of the end of October 2013, Prada China, net sales increased 14.8% to 592.6 million


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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