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?div class="articleContent"> According to WWD reports, the Italian luxury goods group Prada in Florence to celebrate the opening of a new flagship store at the same time announced the funding to repair the famous Italian painter "The Last Supper" Giorgio Vasari creation (not the Da Vinci photograph). 1966 Flor prada for women entine suffered a rare flood, 30 people were killed, the painting "The Last Supper" (painted in 1546) is the most serious damage to a work of art floods. sleeping in the storage room 38 years later, in 2004, with the support of the Italian National Trust, the Italian Cultural Institute under the Ministry of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure announced that it will undertake a long, arduous and cost huge repair work. However, perhaps too difficult, per prada for women haps a shortage of funds to repair the preparation took nearly 10 years, until 2014, was in full swing, first on the true nature of the pa prada for women intings depth study and reconstruction, however, from paintings auxiliary part begins, the screen itself will finally be prada for women repaired. This will be Prada fourt prada for women h collaboration with the Italian National Trust in art restoration area. Iro prada for women nically, a recent Italian newspaper reports, Prada Italian tax inspectors bec prada for women ome survey, even though they have already paid Gold ?420 million of the settlement, the Italian government will aim for its alleged tax evasion through in the Netherlands, Luxembourg holding shell companies to transfer profits pursued. The offenses with another famous Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabanna suffered similar allegations. (gorgeous Chi)


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