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prada handbags for women avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 potassium permanganate edit [go mng sun ji] Statement This entry may involve drugs content, online any recommendations on the use of drugs are not a substitute for medical advice. Potassium permanganate KMnO4Mr = 158.04 purple needle-like crystals of inorganic compounds solubility 6.38 g/100 mL20 ?orthorhombic 1659 discovered by We prada handbags for women sterners in the production of chemicals widely used as an oxidant such as Vitamin C is used as isoniazid refined sugar oxidants and benzoic acid as a preser prada handbags for women vative in pharmaceutical deodorant and disinfectant for water treatment agent antidotes in water purification and wastewater treatment to oxidize iron and mangane prada handbags for women se and hydrogen sulfide phenol and other organic and inorganic contaminants and odor control bleaching in gas purification can remove trace sulfur and arsenic sulfide phosphor silane borane used in mining metallurgy molybdenum separation of zinc and cadmium from impurity and flotation oxidant compounds are also used for special fabrics wax oil from copper gas masks and bleach wood and resin adsorbent copper coloring agents Chinese name permanganate Chinese alias potassium permanganate, manganese oxide ash, PP powder Chemical Name Potassium Permanganate English alias algae-k; No. argucideCAS 7722 -64-7MDL No. MFCD00011364EINECS number 231-760-3RTECS No. SD64750 prada handbags for women 00InChI1S/K.Mn.4O/q +1;;;;; -1 control type potassium permanganate (Precursor) direct prada handbags for women ory 1 Properties ??physical properties and chemical properties preparing 2 3 Applications ??Laboratory ?The main purpose of the pharmacological effects 4 computational chemistry data 5 Haz prada handbags for women ard and Prevention ??ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Toxicological Data Explosion hazard ???Fire Safety measures physicochemical properties of a physical nature Mol File Editor 7722-64-7.mol [1] melting point of 240 ?[1] density of 1.01 g / mL at 25 C [1] Storage conditions Sto


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