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Favorites View my Favorites Edit helpful +1 relative path relative path is defined by the path to the file with the path where the cause of the other files or folder prada men s using relative paths relationship can bring a lot of convenience to our catalog 1 relative path prada men 2HTML term ??HTML file in the same directory relative path references ????? prada men ?represents the parent directory represents the abs prada men olute path of the lower directory ??HTML 3 Notes 1 relative path Edit cite examples explain an example in the following two files local hard they are to eac prada men h other to make a hyperlink document relative path G: site index.htm G: site web article 01.htm as shown below index.htm To link to this file 01.htm correct link should be web article 01.htm This is a relative path standard turn 01.htm To link to this file 01.htm index.htm file which should be written on the sentence prada men .. /.. / index.htm here .. / represents up to this level you have to understand the concept of relative path relative path to the attention of the folder symbol is a slash / link text such links in the rear href The first slash represents the root directory is usually used with caution in such a way that we should pay special terminology 2HTML HTML editor HTML relative path relative path (Relative Path) and the absolute path (Absolute Path) HTML beginners often encounter such a problem how to reference correctly For example, how a file is referenced in an HTML page another HTML page as a hyperlink (hyperlink) how to insert a picture of a web page ...... if you reference documents (such as hyperlinks or insert pictures, etc. ) using the wrong file path will lead to cite failure (can not browse the linked file or insert a picture can not be displayed, etc.) in order to avoid these errors properly cited documents we ne prada men ed to learn about HTML HTML has written two kinds of paths relative path and absolute path "." directory path to the referenced file in the sa


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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Dr. Mahmoud Galal Eldin Elgawish
General Manager

Dr. Hana Abdel Wahab
Assistant Manager and Outpatient clinics manager

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