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How to Determine if a Youth Soccer Coach Is Good Other People Are Reading Instructions 1 Check out qualifications. A coaching license a prada shoes 2010 men lone does not mean you have a strong all-around coach, but a basic license is important, not only to teach the game, but because a prada shoes 2010 men licensing course stresses safety rules and teaching principles. 2 Ask about experience. A good coach usu prada shoes 2010 men ally has previous experience, either as a coach or an assistant coach, or has been trained by qualified teachers. 3 Remember safety. A good coach has knowledge of, or certification in, first aid. 4 Look for preparation. A good coach always plans the practices and works from written lesson plans. prada shoes 2010 men 5 Pay attention to fairness. A good coach is fair, but that doesn't necessarily mean all children play an equal amount of time, which prada shoes 2010 men i prada shoes 2010 men s prada shoes 2010 men not always realistic. It means that the coach is consistent in behavior and philosophy. 6 Pay attention to equal treatment. Girls should be coached with equal enthusiasm and intensity as boys.


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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