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Kavis Reed enters third year as head coach of Edmonton Eskimos still demanding p Photograph by: Larry Wong , EDMONTON JOURNAL EDMONTON - He arguably the deepest-thinking coach in the Canadian Footba prada shoes women 2013 ll League ?a should-have-been-doctor and a one-man book club who was reads people just as well and just as quickly as the words on a page. Over his two past years as the head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos, Kavis Reed has in many ways been a media scrum delight; capable of turning a straight forward question into a multiple-paragraph, insightful answer. So when a broad question is posed to him: Youe entering Year 3 as the head coach of this team. What do you think youe learned from Year 1 to nowWhat changedHis answer isn true to form. would like t prada shoes women 2013 o say a lot has changed, but not really a lot,?Reed said. With an even 18-18 record as a head coach, Reed has been consistent on and off the field. There will be no changes in his demeanour this season, he says, nothin prada shoes women 2013 g different in how he does his job. The coach who talks just above a whisper off of the field will still be the same fiery, get-in-your-face sideline patroller in an ongoing feud with anything less than perfection. The Reed who blew up on Joe Burnett last year in Toronto when the rookie returner/cornerback ra prada shoes women 2013 n a punt out of the end zone when he should have taken a knee will be back. The Reed who an on-field TSN cameramen learned t prada shoes women 2013 o keep out of microphone prada shoes women 2013 distance when something went wrong in games last year will be back. That short-fused version of Reed seems to rub some fans the wrong way. They criticize him prada shoes women 2013 for acting out too much, for turning the sideline into a sideshow. Reed doesn see it that way. here no cookie cutter approach to coaching,?he said. lot of people want you to conform to a certain tandard,?but then youe changing the personality, then youe changing the individual. very con


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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