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Responsibilities of a life coach Created on : October 25, 2012 Last Updated : October 26, 2012 A life coach has one role. They are there to guide and support an individual through both good times and bad. It is not their place to make decisions for their client or tell them what to do. They do not provide them a map through life. A good life coach teaches their client about themselves and helps them find the strength they need to answer their own questions. They are also their to encourage their clients when good decisions are made and help them to pick up the pieces if something doesn't go as planned. The main responsibility of a life coach prada singapore online is to educate. Teaching someone how to tap into the hidden wells of s prada singapore online trength people seem to have hidden is one of the coach's initial priorities. Showing the client they are capable of handling hard decisions and following through with the results is what life coaching is all about. A life coach teaches the client how to find thei prada singapore online r way through life using their own strength and initiative. A life coach will also po prada singapore online int out alternatives to their client, they may not have realized existed. A client who is overwhelmed with obligations may not look prada singapore online past the obvious solution. By helping them to explore other options that are available to them, a life coach is broadening the horizon of the clients and their families. Pointing out several options can prevent a client from taking the first opportunity they see and avoid possible disaster. A life coach's other responsibilities include supporting the individual when they attempt to reach a new goal or enter a new phase of their life. Fo prada singapore online r example, a middle aged couple whose last child has left the nest to enter college will have a lot of time on their hands. The mother decides to return to school to finish the degree she put off when her prada singapore online first child was born. A life coach would help her get the process started and assist her in getting everything she needs to enter college


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