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avorites View Favorites +1 provision of useful editing that bad debt reserve ratio extraction ratio of listed companies such as China's current accounts receivabl prada spring 2011 e bad debt reserve extraction ratio of 9% ie accounts receivable balance 9% of the provision for bad debts reserve extracted into profit or loss is bad debt reserve bank loans may happen is proof test filter bank prudential risk is also an aspect of the reaction a quantitative performance indicators directory authenticity 1 Introduction 2 Type ??Special Provisi prada spring 2011 ons General Provisions 3 impact 1 Introduction The international financial crisis after editing all countries to strengthen supervision of commercial banks although regulators intend to commercial banks in 2011 will increase the allowance rate target to 2.5% but still need and Finance communication and banking regulatory indicators to determine the allowance rate in China's banking sector fully into account the actual circumstances of the specific values ?after this ratio should be as low as possible higher response rate higher profits less lo prada spring 2011 sses explain the greater risk of loss of more The smaller the level of big profits should be suitable provision for the loan rate is not too low, leading to the degree of risk of inadequate provision can not be too high resulting in inflated profits provision for excess profits imaginary gold drop from the level of risk on the macroeconomic indicators of bank loans and the reaction Bad debt char prada spring 2011 ge to the socio-economic aspects of environmental integrity of the bank loans may happen is an aspect of banking prudence test filter response prevention is also a quanti prada spring 2011 tative risk indicator semi-annual results for the auth prada spring 2011 enticity of the data show that as of the end of June, ICBC Bank of China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China allowance to total loans ratio Bank were 2.39% 3.15% 2.26% 2.49% 1 prada spring 2011 .97% higher than the 2.5 percent of small and medium ABC only listed banks


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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Dr. Mahmoud Galal Eldin Elgawish
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Dr. Hana Abdel Wahab
Assistant Manager and Outpatient clinics manager

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