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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 Renaissance edit [wn y f xng] Renaissance is the mid-fourteenth century after the rise of the Italian city extended to West prada usa ern European countries in the 16th century, popular in Europe The movement has brought a period of ideological and cultural revolution of science and art of modern European history has opened a prelude to the boundary is considered Marxist historian of the Middle Ages and the modern boundaries of the late Middle Ages considered the age of feudalism and capitalism era with Eastern Roman Empire, the Ottoman invasion of the Eastern Roman people continue to flee, while a large prada usa number of ancient Greek and Rom prada usa an culture classics of Italian art treasures to the commercial development of the city in the emerging bourgeoisie intellectuals With some advanced study of ancient Grecian Roman art and culture through art and literature to promote the humanistic spirit of the Renaissance in Western Europe th prada usa ree ideological liberation movement in modern Renaissance and Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Chinese name of foreign names Renaissance Renaissance humanism major Italian representative guiding Dante , Petrarch, Leonardo da Vinci Time 14th century - 17th century catalog 1 basic introduction ??connotation causes ?historical background 2 Origins Development ??development of the cause of the origin ???Spanish ?representatives of France, Germany ??English 3 major influence ?social impact of scientific achievements ???role of historical influence 4 important contribution 5 work thinking 6 Education Development ??parties to view the related concepts prada usa ?related prada usa books a basic introductio prada usa n by the editor of the Renaissance Italian Rinascimento again and nascere ri-La Renaissance is a French-born constitute the mid-14th century to the early 17th century in Europe ideological and cultural movement occurred after th


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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