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avorites View Favorites +1 plots of useful editing [z li d] Chinese agricultural collective economic organizations allocated to members of the long-term use by farmers operating plots of land policy is a sideline to take advantage of the remaining families labor and labor time prada vitello daino tote to produce a variety of agricultural products to meet the market needs of family life and the rural economy and increase revenue Active Directory 1 History law 2 3 namesake website 1 plots the historical production editing is a necessary complement to the number of plots of collective economy depends on agricultural production cooperatives prada vitello daino tote draft arable land per capita number of demonstrations in November 1955 annou prada vitello daino tote nced the Articles of plots per person up to a maximum 5% of the peopl prada vitello daino tote e's commune movement of local per capita arable land in some places prada vitello daino tote will be reverted to the collective plots gradual recovery in 1960 after the CPC Central Committee in March 1981 the State Council forwarded the State Committee on Agriculture on the positive development of the rural variety of business reports can be adapted to local conditions appropriate to expand the provisions of plots prada vitello daino tote Feed land reclaimed land quantity prada vitello daino tote not exceeding 15% of the cultivated area is also the local regulations where there are hills and slopes can allocate an appropriate number of hilly to encourage farmers planting collective pastoral nomads in small pieces can be allocated for retention pasture feeding a number of privately owned livestock plots is a product of China during the collectivization of agriculture cooperatives and agricultural collective economic organizations allocating plots of land policies and regulations to farmers long-term use of the operating member is a family sideline plots can take advantage of surplus labor and labor time of production of various agricultural products to meet the market needs of family life and increase revenue production plots active rural economy is a nec


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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