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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 marriage phobia locked for editing statement medicine is only for reference, not be regarded as professional advice. Any suggestions on the Internet are not a substitute for face to face disease diagnosis practicing physicians. As the wedding draws near many couples have a sense of fear fear fear that this funk and even the idea of ?such symptoms is actually a psychological cause trouble avoiding marriage phobia psychologists call directory 1 Introduction 2 Features 3 marriage phobia etiology 4 stages 5 Woman papers 6 men chapter 7 symptoms and coping 8 adopted piecemeal 9 test questions 1 Introduction Editing marriage phobia refer prada wallet italy s to the marriage appeared to marriage phobia which is generated because of fear for their own lifestyle suited contrast when changing role of marriage and marriage caused the biggest reason for marriage phobia mainly psychologically not ready for marriage preparation afraid to face life after marriage or love marriage relationship is not too much to bear responsibility for personal space and marriage means more freedom prada wallet italy to take responsibility the obligatio prada wallet italy n to make their own marital roles naturally have to pay a certain price [1] 2 Features Editor marriage phobia patients in general mainly has th prada wallet italy e following psychological characteristics 1. responsibility and sense of duty to their mental development is not mature independence of self-care abil prada wallet italy ity is not strong enough to be afraid of the responsibility to bear the marriage 2. marriage insecurity and a sense of trust in these patients in their upbringing and family environment because by the parents of some extraneous information example Unfortunately, the feelings of a friend's m prada wallet italy arriage failures leading to marriage psychological shadow of insecurity and a sense of trust in marriage 3. refuse to grow up afraid bound by su prada wallet italy ch patients believe that marriage is a bondage


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