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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 Linyaohua edit Linyaohua 1910 2000 anthropologists, ethnologists famous historian, sociologist and educator Central University for Nationalities national doctoral tutor tenured professor November 27, 2000 death the age of 91 Mr. Lin Yaohua on March 27, 1910 was born in Gutian generation master Mei Ling academic dean in 1935 a master's degree in 1940 at Harvard University with a doctorate of philosophy Yenching University in Peking Chinese name Li prada wallet saffiano leather nyaohua country ; membership Gutian County, Fujian Province, China Ling Mei Birthplace Date of birth March 27, 1910 Date of death November 27, 2000 Harvard University graduate colleges directory 1 character introduction 2 major works 1 character introduc prada wallet saffiano leather tion edit Linyaohua 1910 to 2000 Gold Wing literary genre of a book written in English in London has successfully demonstrated the traditional southern Chinese Han clan and family life in rural areas and changes in 1941 After returning depth L prada wallet saffiano leather iangshan region of Liangshan Yi Zhu soci prada wallet saffiano leather al structure and cultural phenomenon made careful investigation and later wrote a book Liangshan Yi Jia Lin repeatedly revisiting Liangshan wrote many as three related articles, such as establishing a return visit to the Liangshan Since the establishment of People's Republic of China Linyaohua research paradigm has deep Tibetan Mongolian steppe and Olunchun East and Daur ethnic work and place of residence to participate in academic and leadership to identify and examine the social and historical investigation of various ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province as citing editorial board Five Books Editorial Society of the incumbent me prada wallet saffiano leather mbers of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, Professor of Law, director of the Central Institute for Nationalities Appraisal Group of the prada wallet saffiano leather Institute of Ethnology and S prada wallet saffiano leather ociology as a national ethnic anthropology councilor and deputy chairman of the Division will be edited


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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