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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 Meyer's Lory Lory edit Meyer's height is 20cm and weighing 40-50g yellow-green Lorikeet subspecies are closely related to the main catalog survive in lowland tropical rain forest in the mountains 1 Name Type 2 shape features distribution 3 4 Habits 5 growth and reproduction 6 protection level prada wallets women 1 Name Category Editor Chinese name Meyer's Lorikeet [1] Chinese do not Mingmai Ye's Latin name Trichoglossus prada wallets women flavoviridis meyers parrot named Time Walden 1871 English name Meyer's Lory Genus classification Aves Psittaciformes Lory Parrot Head Division 2 subfamily shape features editor Meyer's Lorikeet (Figure 2) adult birds upper body dark green head and neck pillow green [2] brown ear coverts yellow eye ring first with the naked eye is dark gray cheeks chin Each prada wallets women piece has a green yellow feath prada wallets women er trim neck bent place for br prada wallets women own throat chest and abdomen is yellow feathers each piece with dark green trim wings are inside the inner coverts and tail coverts yellow-green iris orange orange beak green color cast chicks body [1] 3 distribution editor Meyer's Lorikeet maps distributed in the Pacific islands, including the island of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea Wallace Wallace area refers to the traditional line of the waters from the eastern side of Mindanao After the Makassar Strait between Bali and Lombok to the area west of the islands east of Papua New Guinea, including the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia Nusa Tenggara Islands Southwest Maluku Islands Moluccas Islands and East Timor [ 3] 4 Habits edit Meyer's Lorikeet distribution altitude ranges from about an altitude of 500-2400m, but in open woodland and forest fringe area also has its sight habitat prada wallets women and gorgeous Lory (Ornate Lorikeet) overlap often with its cluster foraging will issue a loud cry of the wild foods are the main breeding behavior of fruit seeds, pollen, nectar bud unknown f prada wallets women armed Meyer's Lo


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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