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Judo Alberta high performance coach leaves behind roots in France to take on n Photograph by: Greg Southam , edmontonjournal EDM pradas for kids ONT pradas for kids ON - Imagine selling your apartment, giving up your pradas for kids job, your friends, your life, and moving halfway across the world to a strange countr pradas for kids y where you don know a soul and everyone speaks a foreign language you don understand. Fatira Merah did just that four years ago, at age 39, to become Judo Albe pradas for kids rta high performance coach. t was now or never,?said Merah, who had considered making such a drastic change for more than a decade. still had the power to change, the energy to change. was sad to come here because I have lots of roots in France and a really easy life for the job, not for my personal life. I decide I have to change my routine and I like the challenge. start looking on a website and I found the job and proposed myself. I came for two weeks and they accept.? Merah, who ran a high-performance training camp during the Edmonton international judo championships at West Edmonton Mall Ice Palace on Sunday morning, worked various jobs for the Federation Francaise de Judo, from being a national trainer to a club instructor. She taught at all different levels, from beginner to high performance, and helped provincial organizations develop and train their top teenage judokas, coaches and referees. n France, we have the school and judo,?she said. he kids go to school and after school they have to go to judo. We work together.? But the job had become 24-7, and her friends and co-workers didn understand why she had to leave. explain I needed more challenge,?she said. want to change my life and learn a new language, because I didn speak English.? She had previously moved around France, doing the pradas for kids same job in different parts pradas for kids of the country to get a new challenge. But this was a major change, going to a country she had


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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