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avorites View My Favorite helpful +1 RNA editing [h tng h sun] Statement This entry may involve drugs content, online any recommendations on the use of drugs are not a substitute for medical advice. shop prada online RNA by a ribonucleotide bases phosphorus ester bond by condensation of a growing chain molecule ribonucleotide molecule composed of ribose and RNA bases are mainly four kinds namely A adenine G guanine C cytosine U uracil wherein the substituents U uracil DNA RNA in T Chinese name constituted acid, ribose, and the nucleotide bases A, G, C, U of the ; quality long chain molecules of the original principles of the complementary base pairing process of transcription and translation catalog 1 Basic Information ?mRNA ?tRNA ?rRNA ?miRNA ?small molecule RNA (small RNA) ?end of the enzyme RNA ?ribozyme antisense RNA ? 2 interference mechanism ?Phare and Mello discovered ?siRNA action principle ?RNA interference technology prospects 3 Distribution introduction 4 Role 5 transcription 6 translation 1 Basic information editing RNA strand o shop prada online f RNA is shop prada online a single-stranded DNA template function to the main principle of complementary base pairing is formed by the expression of the transcription of geneti shop prada online c information in the protein to achieve the transfer of genetic information tRNA during the bridge function is to carry amino acid shop prada online s to meet the requirements of mRNA as a template to synthesize protein in shop prada online the virus RNA is the genetic material RNA-containing plant viruses always have been discovered in recent years in a number of plants are also much smaller than the dip of the virus causative factors like virus-like virus is called closed-loop single-stran shop prada online ded RNA molecule protein-free addition there are two types of eukaryotic cells that heterogeneous nuclear RNA and small nuclear RNAsnRNAmRNAmRNA RNAhnRNA function of DNA is the genetic information transcribed on the accuracy down the amin


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September 18th, 2010
Launching Heliopolis Psychiatric Hospital Website.

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