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Favorites View my Favorites Edit helpful +1 MVC Framework MVC full name is Model View Controller, is a model (model) - view (view) - Controller (controller) acronym, a software design paradigm, in a business logic and data display method for separating the organization code, the business sunglass prada logic is gathered inside a component, the interface and the user can interact with the data about the improvements and customizat sunglass prada ion at the same time without the need to re-write the business logic. MVC is developed to map sunglass prada the unique traditional input, processing and output of a funct sunglass prada ional configuration of a logic of the graphical user interface. Foreign Name MVC framework full name Model View Controller architecture generated content view time in 1982, the model, the controller software component model directory category 1 Introduction 2MVC programming mode 3 frame content ????model view sunglass prada controller ?? 4 difference 5 common MVC ??Struts ??Spring ??Z sunglass prada F ?? NET 6 Features ????Advantages Disadvantages 7 External evaluation 8Mvc control 1 MVC Profile Editor exists in the beginning of the desktop, M refers to the business model, V refers to the user interface, C is the controller, the purpose is to use the MVC M and V implementation code separation, s sunglass prada o that the same program can use different forms of expression. For example, a number of statistical data can be used separately histograms, pie charts to represent. The purpose is to ensure the existence of C M and V sync, once M change, V should be synchronized. [1-2] Model - View - Controller (MVC) is a software design pattern Xerox PARC in the 1980s as the programming language Smalltalk-80 invention, has been widely used. Later was recommended as Oracle's Sun's Java EE platform design patterns, and by the increasing use of ColdFusion and PHP developers welcome. Model - View - Controller pattern is a useful toolbox, it has many advantages, but there are also some disadvant


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